Začne se z ednino

Začne se z ednino

The series “Begins with the Singular” takes us on a profound journey of self-connection. Through expressive photographs we focus on the importance of isolated contact that is independent of the surroundings. The series highlights key aspects of self-care, encompassing psychological, social, physical, and spiritual dimensions, with an emphasis on self-acceptance that promotes health and well-being.

The subtle shades in the series depict the complexity and multi-layered nature of the explored theme. Alienation and lack of personal time emerge as common challenges we face. The emphasized element is the contact, which is the sole significant part of the series, as the subject reflects onto each viewer, allowing for identification with the content. The consciously communicating hand seeks balance both within the composition and in life, creating space for growth and development, where evolving achievements manifest as a distinct quality. The series serves as a reminder that taking time for oneself is a fundamental step towards a fulfilled life. 

Beginning with the singular means establishing an authentic connection with oneself, enabling a more comprehensive experience and growth in everyday life.

The series has been awarded the gold prize by the Photographic Association of Slovenia at the XXII. Celje Photography Exhibition. In April 2021, it was exhibited at the Fbunker Gallery in Velenje, and in January 2022, at the Gallery of the Radlje ob Dravi Library.

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